Robe Flightcases at IPSRecent additions to the IPS Lighting Hire Inventory include the ROBE Pointe and GLP Impression X4 Bar 20 fixtures

The ROBE Pointe is a compact and versatile fixture that has often been requested by customers and IPS have now added 72 units to rental stocks. A 280w short arc discharge lamp source powers the 2.5° - 10° Beam mode and 5° - 20° Spot mode, allowing the fixture to create a variety of different looks – from a near parallel beam to a room filling effect using one of the two fitted prism options. Colour and Gobo wheels along with a mechanical shutter mean crisp effects can be produced – and all of this from a fixture that can fit into small spaces, and weighs in at just 15kg. Robe PointeDMX connections are both 3pin and 5pin, and power inlet is via a PowerCon connector – units are supplied from IPS flightcased in pairs – check out our latest hire prices here.

The GLP Impression X4 Bar 20 is a 1m long RGBW LED Batten with some important differences – namely the ability to tilt 210° via DMX, and also featuring a 7° -50° zoom function. A recent addition to the IPS hire range, the fixtures feature twenty High output 15w RGBW LEDs with a homogenised output provide punchy colours, and have a range of control options via RDM enabled DMX control, with various operating modes, including allowing full pixel mapping. GLP Impression X4 Bar 20DMX connections are via 5 pin XLR, and power in and out connections are provided on each unit via PowerCon connectors. IPS units are supplied cased in multiples of four units.


Alongside these additions, there are as always plenty of associated cabling and rigging items added to the ever expanding IPS rental range – other stock increases have also included more Ayrton MagicBlades, more Martin MAC Aura XB fixtures, more Martin Atomic LED Strobes, more SGM P-5 fixtures and a huge increase in stocks of Prolight White and RGBW COB LED outdoor parcans. Keep an eye on our latest equipment page for all the new toys here at IPS – or if you’d like a quote for an upcoming project, please give us a ring or get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you.